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Universal Jack Cover



cover fits

ALL jacks

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The ONLY universal jack cover that ensures real security while driving through it's patent pending lock system.  

EASY COVER, a universal jack cover that is actually designed and tested to protect the jack while staying secured to the jack when driving. All while, protecting your tongue jack from dirt, harsh elements and the weather. Lock grommet provides security opportunities and glow in the dark strips provide easy visibility at all times. Soft inner fabric provides scratch protection and strong outer fabric provides weather resistant protection and air vents allows the cover to breath, creating an effective home for your jack.




Excellent Quality

Locakable Jack Cover

Over the years I’ve had several covers for my jack and in my opinion all have the same problem, they can all fly away while driving. The Easy Cover is a heavy duty jack cover that does a great job and solves this exact problem.It is extremely well built with fine details throughout and material that is simply put, top notch. It is waterproof and very durable, which makes it ideal for protecting my jack.

Awesome, Fits Perfectly

I couldn't ever find a jack cover from my BAL trailer jack because of the odd shape of the head. I bought this immediately and it fit on so easily and nicely. Well made cover with the ability to lock it as a bonus.

Solid Protection and 

High Quality Cover

I am so impressed with the level of details and quality. I’ve had several other covers and this one is by far superior to them all. The cover even has a reflective elements around it, which is neat at night, especially when we camp. I like that the fabric is heavy duty as it does a fantastic job protecting the jack from all kind of weather. The bonus is the option to add a padlock so the cover is secured. A must for every trailer’s jack.

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