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Easy Squeegee


The key in preventing mold and mildew developing on your awning is by ensuring the awning is dry, clean and free of any debris before it’s rolled in. Trailersphere is here to help with industry first and only innovative patented awning mop. Add this quick step to your departure procedures and your awning will remain mold and mildew free and ultimately prolong the life of your awning and preventing an unnecessary costly awning replacement.



Long Reach

Dual Action Microfiber Pad

Rotating and Lockable Head

Easy to Assemble and Store

A mop is only as good as the pad that it is being used to get the job done. The premium pad we selected has gone through vicarious testing. It is ultra absorbent, double sided soft fabric to treat the top and bottom of the awning. It is detachable, reusable and machine washable, which ultimately reduces waste and is considered environmentally friendly. Additional replacement pads are available for purchase. Type on Amazon ASIN B0B1KP3ZJS.



Excellent Product

Finally a telescopic awning mop that helps to remove dirt, stubborn leaves and dry any water off the fabric. Easy and quick to use and keeps our awning looks beautiful and new. 

On our last trailer, I neglected the awning and it developed horrible mold and mildew lines that I could never removed. Now on our new trailer, I take 3 minutes before we head out and go over the fabric and it remains in a pristine condition. Highly recommended. 

Effective and Proactive

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This product does a nice job absorbing the water off the awning, ensuring it is dry when it is rolled back in place and could prevent from potentially having to replace the awning, which is costly.

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