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Custom Jack Cover




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FIC Jack (1st Gen)



Finally, a Clever Cover that fits like a glove and protects your electric tongue jack from dirt, harsh elements and the weather.


Not only does the Clever Cover hug your jack, but also your electric plug and your safety chains have a protective home too. Snap buttons help secure the hooks while driving. 

Lock grommet provide security opportunities, glow in the dark strips provide easy visibility, a side zipper provides easy placements of the Clever Cover. 

Soft inner fabric provides scratch protection and strong outer fabric provides weather resistant protection and air vents allows the cover to breathe, creating an effective home for your jack. 





Absolutely Perfect

Everyone Needs One

This is exactly what I was looking for! Moisture would get into my electric tonge jack and cause the led to short out and drain the battery. This not only solved that problem but also has a place for my safety chains, protects my plug and it looks fantastic! I am very pleased with this purchase.

Great Cover

This is one of those great accessories that makes camping life all that much easier. For a while now I've been looking for a replacement for my old Home-Depot bucket-as-a-jack-cover solution. I stumbled across this one and so far it checks all the boxes. The material and stitches are really high quality and so far seems to withstand the pacific NW whether. The fit is pretty spot-on and you don't really need to ever take it off since the see-through panel allows easy jack operation. It got a couple of metal rings which act as chains hangers so I don't have to worry about them dragging and getting muddy.Overall, this is a great buy and definitely worth recommending.

Well Made and Thoughtout

This is a very well made cover. The FIC model fit is perfect for the factory installed power tongue jack on my rpod 190. The tow chain clips and 7 pin protector/holder are nice additions. I am impressed with this product and would certainly buy it again.

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